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Duct Detector RE-428DU-S


  • High efficient single sampling tube
  • Easy to install
  • One-pipe air sampling system
  • Patented venturi pipe and duct housing
  • Test hole on cover
  • Simple service and maintenance
  • Electrical Specification

    Operating Voltage:9 ~ 33V DC
    Operating Temperature:-10°C to 50°C
    Humidity:0 – 95% RH, non-condensing
    Reset Voltage:less than 1V
    Start-Up Current:120 μA
    Alarm Current:40 mA.(Max)
    Remote Output:15mA maximum open collector
    Smoke Sensitivity:(1.96 ± 0.76) % / ft
    Air Velocity:0 – 4000 fpm
    Dimensions:(241 L X 195 W X 68 D) mm
    Weight:1.04 kg
    Air Sampling Tube:Aluminium. ( Hole Diameter 1.5” (38 mm)

    Ordering Information

    RE-428DU-SAddressable Duct Smoke Detector
    RE-428DU-S2Sampling tube length: 2 ft (0.6 m)r

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