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Trimod HE

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Trimod HE is a VFI Three Phase online double conversion UPS with PWM High-Frequency technology, modular architecture with the possibility to have N+X redundancy. It has a reduced footprint in the 10 to 80 kW range. Trimod HE is made of individual single phase modules which are redundant and self-configuring. They deliver a rated power from 10 – 80kW. Batteries are lead acid, sealed, maintenance- free, valve regulated and arranged inside the UPS as battery modules or in an external battery cabinet.


  • Granular Parallel Architecture
  • Compact footprint
  • Front access
  • 3-Stage charging
  • Multi-colour LCD display
  • Module capacity - 3.4, 5 and 6.7 kVA
  • Independent phase management
  • Battery bank per controller
  • Common battery bank
  • 15 A battery charger module

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