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The Simplex XAD Air-Sampling Smoke Detector is an excellent solution for challenging duct applications, as well as restricted areas such as elevator shafts, electrical equipment rooms hospital MRI rooms. and correctional facilities.​




  • Active air sampling techniques - combined with TrueAlarm smoke sensing technology makes remote monitoring of ducts possible 
  • Available as either a single or dual inlet detection system -  includes a TrueAlarm photoelectric sensor and addressable base per inlet; dual inlet version recommended for duct widths over 90 inches 
  • Provides remote sensor location for ducts with difficult service areas - up to 50 ft. with flexible tubing or 82 ft. with rigid pipe 
  • Easily accessible filter element 
  • For use with Simplex addressable fire alarm control panels - supporting IDNet or MAPNET II communications 
  • UL Listed to Standards 268A and 268 and ULC Listed to Standard S529
  • Test port - for easy introduction of smoke source during testing 
  • Optional water trap - with drain prevents nuisance alarms associated with condensation buildup 
  • No special configuration tools required

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