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Beam Detectors are used to provide “open area” smoke detection in situations where it is either impractical or not cost effective to use traditional point-type detectors or aspirating smoke detection. Some common applications are: Warehouses; Atriums; Convention Centers; Shopping Malls; Sports Arenas. The type of Beam Smoke Detector used will be dictated by the installation requirements and environment.​
  • The FIRERAY 5000 System is an auto-aligning, self-correcting infrared beam smoke detector. Up to 2 detector heads can report to a single ground level controller. Once the detector head is installed, using the easy-fit mounting system an integral laser can be activated. This allows the reflective prism to be located quickly and with confidence.

    The Auto-Align function ensures proper alignment and maximum signal during the beam installation. The AutoOptimise feature automatically steers and maintains the beam in the optimum position for reliable performance. The signal generated in the transmitter element and reflected by the prism back to the receiver element is analyzed for the presence of smoke. The internal microprocessor determines an alarm condition when a predetermined level obscuration is reached.

    The system is designed to be mounted so the beam will project between 19” (0.5m) and 24” (0.6m) below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 30ft. (9.144m) on either side of the beam, providing a maximum total coverage area of up to 19,800 square feet (60ft. x 330ft. or 18.29m x 100m). 
  • The FIRERAY 3000 End to End infrared Beam Smoke Detector has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

    The FIRERAY 3000 is ideal for applications where line of sight for the IR (infra-red) detection path is narrow and where the building structure uses reflective surfaces. It has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and thus can equally suit modern architectural buildings as well as historical sites, particularly where ornate ceilings exist.
  • Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) by Xtralis is a new innovation in projected beam smoke detection technology. By using advanced dual wavelength projected beams and optical imaging technology, OSID provides a low-cost, reliable and easy to install solution that overcomes typical beam detection issues such as false alarm incidents and alignment difficulties.

    The OSID system measures the level of smoke entering beams of light projected over an area of protection. A single OSID Imager can detect up to seven Emitters to provide a wide coverage area.

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