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4 Zone Agent Release Panel RE-25AR

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    The Microprocessor based UL Listed Agent release panel has dual function of detection and release of gaseous agent. The system has 16X2 LCD character, 4 zones detection circuit and 2main agent release circuits, it has various logic programmable options, the system has RTC facility, Auto & manual operational facility, solenoid output with ON and OFF timer with solenoid coil monitoring facility, programmable Main output facility, gas inhabit and instant release, manual release with time delay or without time delay and pressure low sensing facilities.Switch mode power supply- SMPS & Battery polarity & Deep discharge protection.
    RE- 25AR will have all safety features to prevent accidental release, user friendly programmable options, the system is ideal choice to protect areas like, Server rooms, data centre, paint booths and hazards areas etc. The system is user friendly with includes all standard to ensure ease for use and high reliability.
  • Ravel Indian Manufacturer, International standard.
  • Listed (9th Edition).
  • Switch Mode Power Supply.
  • Modular Construction, Serviceable.
  • Special logic circuitory to prevent accident release.
  • Auto Resettable Fuse.
  • Surge Protected.
  • Battery polarity & deep discharge
  • NAC’s Output:
  • Variable solenoid ON / OFF time.
  • 4 No’s of programmable Initiating Device Circuit and 2 No’s of Releasing Agent circuit, with the independent correlation of any no of initiating devices circuit with any one of Release Agent Circuit.
  • 4 No’s Programmable (Fire, Cross Zone & Gas Release) relays for integration of third party system
  • Separate LED indications on front facia for individual Releasing Agent Circuit.
  • 16×2 Dot Matrix LCD Display.
  • Operates on 120-220v 60 / 50 Hz, AC Mains power supply.
  • 4 Class B initiating device circuit (IDC).
  • All zones accept smoke detectors and any normally open contact device.
  • Any Zone can be configured as Alarm or supervisory Zone.
  • 2 Class B Releasing Agent Circuits (RAC).
  • 2 Class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC).
  • Standby (battery) backup 24v DC power supply with built in charger
  • Main, Standby status audio visual indication.
  • Battery Low audio visual warning tone.
  • 3 Form C programmable relays for Fire / fault / supervisory / Gas Released.
  • Two modes of operations Auto / Manual.
  • Programmable 24v D.C Outputs.
  • RS 485 Communication facility (Optional).
  • 200 Events history log with RTC.
  • Walk Test facility.
  • Zone Isolation facility with voltage cutt off.
  • Earth fault annunciation facility.
  • All field wiring circuits are Power limited except 220v AC and Battery.
  • All field wiring circuits are supervised.
  • AC Low voltage cutoff.
  • Programmable RAC’s with count down timer.
  • Programmable AC loss delay
  • Programmable Trouble remainder.

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